Weaving Memories into Treasured Tales.

Who we are...

Platinum Tales was conceived in 2009. It was registered as a Private Limited Company in Singapore 2012 where it continues to operate today.

Platinum Tales is focused on bringing costumes of premium quality and original design to the Asian Market.


We are proudly the exclusive distributor for Fairy Girls costumes which are designed with pride in Australia. Carefully monitored manufacturing ensures these wonderful designs are supported by premium quality material and workmanship to provide lasting quality to their owners.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance in our activities. Our team will do everything reasonably within their power to ensure that products meet our customer needs.

Our retail network are chosen for consistency with these values and our belief that they will support their customers to the same level we would.

At Platinum Tales we also feel that too many items in our daily lives have become consumable. Overly consumable products poorly serve their owners and also contribute to unnecessary waste in our environment. Finding a balance between useful life and price is a delicate challenge but we strive to ensure our products will provide an acceptable life with reasonable use.

Our Services


Quality Costume and Accessories distribution across South East Asia and beyond.

Digital Media Transformation

Digital Media Transformation for both video and photographic media. Ensuring these memories are transformed into treasured tales.  This service is provided on an exclusive basis to select customers.

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Our Amazing Team


CEO & Master Tale Weaver


Sales Manager & Senior Tale Weaver